The father of GUI, ethernet and many more things

Another father of computer era has gone, sigh! I was reading on QuickLoox

Chuck Thacker
Chuck Thacker (from Wikipedia)

Charles P. Thacker (“Chuck” to those who knew him), who helped pioneer many aspects of the personal computer, and who was awarded the 2009 ACM A.M. Turing Award in recognition of his pioneering design and realization of the first modern personal computer, and for his contributions to Ethernet and the tablet computer, died Monday, June 12, at the age of 74, after a brief illness.

Thacker spent the 1970s and 1980s at PARC. During this period, he served as leader of the project that developed the Xerox Alto personal computer system, the first computer designed from the ground up to support an operating system based on a graphical user interface. The hardware of the Alto, introduced in 1973, was designed mostly by Thacker, with Lampson developing its software.

Xerox Alto with portrait monitor
Xerox Alto with portrait monitor

In 1983, Thacker was part of the group of computer scientists led by Robert Taylor (manager of PARC‘s Computer Science Laboratory) that left PARC to found the Systems Research Center (SRC) of Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC). During his tenure there as a corporate consultant engineer, Thacker developed Firefly, one of the first multiprocessor workstation systems.

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His advice for young computer scientists: “Try to be broad. Learn more math, learn more physics.” He stressed the importance in cross-specialty projects to motivate teammates. “I’ve been fairly successful at what I call ‘Tom Sawyering’; it’s the idea that if you want to get your fence painted, you trade something of value with the people with whom you work. You have to be committed to their success as well as your own.”

Conclusions drawn

I think that learning math, physics and generally be more scientificĀ  it’s a plus of our life even if we, due to life background, work in other fields.

Thanks for all and hope your life could inspire many other generations.